Stephen Tamulonus, drums

Stephen Tamulonus (a.k.a. “Stevie T.”) is from a musical family, and from an early age was hooked on parades and drum and bugle corps music. His dad was a trumpet player in the Nashua Legion Band, and convinced Mert Rolf, an accomplished local percussionist, to teach the left-handed young Stephen how to play drums. (To this day, R. B. Hall and John Philip Sousa rock his world… And there’s nothing like a college "fight song" to rev him up.)

From the very beginning Stephen was blessed with many opportunities to perform, first joining the Nashua Legion Band at the tender age of 10. By the age of 16, Stephen was playing with the Nashua Philharmonic Jazz Group. He was also part of Manchester’s Grateful Dead cover band Lichen and has been heard with a variety of other bands in venues across the region.

From the early days of his mom sitting him on the kitchen floor to bang on the pots and pans, until today--as a professional musician--Stephen is proud of the fact that he is still learning. He considers Vertigo to be like good guacamole—everyone always comes back for more... and it's really, really tasty.

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